Final Pictures – Tiny number 1 all done

So my first Tiny House is all completed and the clients are fully moved in and living comfortably in their cozy little house.

Just before it left my driveway for the last (and fist) time, I had friend and great photographer, Nick Honig, take these wonderful pictures for me. Of course it has taken me a few months to get them posted but they are worth the wait.

This was an exciting and very unique project that I had a great experience building, I am looking forward to building more of them in the future, in fact I am starting a new one right now… stay tuned for updates on that!

I would like thank a few of the local trades and companies that helped me with this project, nothing on a Tiny House is ‘standard’ so it required some extra effort and ingenuity on the part of everyone who worked on it.

-B and L Elite Millwork, for their beautiful custom mahogany door.

Eco Home Insulation,  for their great job spay foaming the interior with all its tight spaces.

Kerr Trailers, for building a truly excellent custom trailer on which Tiny could be built.

Flux Electrical , for a great job wiring the house and rising to all the challenges that come with trying to fit everything in such small spaces.

Castle Home Choice building Centre, Thanks to John and Steve for accommodating me with all of the odd ordering requests that I had along the way.



4 thoughts on “Final Pictures – Tiny number 1 all done

  1. If I were to purchase a piece of property in Hants County, N.S. would you build a tiny house on that property for me?

    • Absolutely. I would love to build you a tiny house. I would build it up here in Cape Breton and then bring it down to your land. Please feel free to give me a call sometime and we can discuss it further.

  2. Very interested to know how much a tinyhouse might cost. I know there are A LOT of variables to consider, but do you have a rough range between xx and xx? 😀 Love this yellow too, my favourite color!

    • You are totally on the mark when you say there are a LOT of variables to consider. I don’t have a maximum and minimum price for a completed Tiny house, but I can say that to build the shell with trailer, siding, windows and steel roof would be around $40000 to $45000.

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