Tiny 2 Well on the way.

My latest Tiny house project is off to a great start. The experience I gained from building the first one has proven to be invaluable, with everything coming together a bit quicker, a lot smoother and with way less time spent staring off in deep thought!

The design for this house is very similar to the last one with a few minor changes. For a start it is three feet longer, so 28′ in total. This means a slightly bigger living room and bathroom.

The layout of the door and windows has moved around a bit in order to take full advantage of the anticipated view that it will have at its new home. So the door switched sides and in its place is a very large viewing window.

Of course moving anything in a tiny house means moving everything! So there will still have to be some new crafty construction details that will make this version unique.

Next week is a busy one, with the windows, siding and roof all arriving within three days. Stay tuned to see the new colour scheme.




9 thoughts on “Tiny 2 Well on the way.

  1. Very nice. Looking forward to seeing the progression to finished and furnished. Who handles electrical, plumbing details and the interior?

    • Thanks Kate, I too am looking forward to seeing the progression to being furnished! It
      Is a lot of fun building out the interior.
      The electrical is done by a local company called Flux electrical. Brandon did a great job and was excellent to work with.
      The plumbing I did all myself after having a plumber go over the plans with me to make sure I had it all right.
      As for the rest, I did every piece of it myself, from cabinets to couch.

  2. Hi, Matthew! I’ve become so infatuated with the Tiny House Movement, but always so concerned about trying to live full time with my husband and visits from two daughters in such tight quarters. Tiny Home 1 assuaged my fears, and Tiny House 2, with the extra 3 feet, has made me downright giddy. I am in the US, so I’m guessing that I won’t have the advantage of having you here, but…are there plans that could be purchased? I live in west central Florida, but am considering a tiny home in NE Pennsylvania, where the weather is MUCH different. A tiny footprint for retirement just makes me happy. Thanks for any help!

    • Thanks so much Cristine, I am glad you like the design.
      The layout really does work well and having a full kitchen and bathroom is great if you are living in it full time.
      I wish I could build one up here for you and have it towed down…it is only about 2000km!
      I can certainly sell you the plans if you like. It is probably best if you email me directly at howlingdogconstruction@gmail.com and we can talk about it further.

  3. These tiny houses are amazing. Are they 4 four season living? Are you selling, and if so what are approx. cost?

    • Thanks so much Lucinda, I greatly appreciate that.
      Yes this design is specifically made for four season comfortable living. It is super cozy and warm with a great propane fireplace and well insulated walls.
      I am certainly selling these Tiny homes and would love to talk to you about your wishes and requirements. I make them very customized to each client so the price depends a lot on the sort of finish and items that you want in it.
      Please feel free to call or email me for more details.

  4. You do great work! Do you have any advice on the legal aspects of living in a Tiny House full time in Nova Scotia?

    • I cannot offer too much in the way of legal advice but I can say that there are ways to live full time legally in Nova Scotia. Because every municipality has is own by-laws it can be difficult to get a handle on exactly what you need to do. But the best way is to just go and sit down with the building officails in the area you want to live and ask what you need to do.
      There are some places now that are activly trying to accomidate Tiny Houses and change by-laws to include them. I am not sure how far they are with it yet but changes will be coming I am sure.
      Here in the CBRM you would need a developement permit in order to get hooked up to electrical service and have a septic system put in, but as long as you are in a rural seeting you should be able to live full time.

      • Thanks so much for the response. This has been the one part of the tiny house research that has been a road block in much of Canada, living legally full time.

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