Moving right along with Tiny 2

In the last few weeks I have made good progress on Tiny 2.

I was waiting for materials to arrive and of course they all came on the same day, so I got the steel for the roof, the windows and all the siding and trim all at once. That has kept me busy since then.

The windows went in first to help keep the rain (and snow) out. I used Gentek windows this time and was very happy with the quality and look.

I am pretty particular with how I install and flash windows because they are such a critical part of the wall and weather proofing system, so I use a product called Flexwrap by Dupont for the sill flashing, it is great stuff and allows for a seamless one piece bottom flashing.

Next I started on the soffit and fascia which I needed up in order to get the roof trim on.

I am using the Ideal Roofing, Junior HF profile for the roof. It looks great and will last a lifetime. It takes a while to install all the trims and flashings but once they are up the steel sheets go up pretty quickly.

It is always very satisfying to stand back and see the roof once it is  completed, What a difference it makes.

Today I worked on the strapping to get ready for the Cape Cod Trim and Siding. I managed to get a few pieces of Trim up as well which really starts to set the look of the house, and I am very excited to see what the siding colour will look like next to the roof colour. You will see that on the next post!







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